In 2007 during His ABIDING time, God spoke to Ed and told him to start liquidating real estate assets. At that time the global markets were booming, especially in the real estate space. And although these words from God seemed counter-intuitive to all the economic data, Ed obeyed God’s voice. Then, in 2008, the crash happened. Real estate had come to a complete halt. But because of Ed’s obedience, he and his company were poised for great success. They they were able to position that one billion into more than 5 billion of assets in a very short period of time. 


His company has been able to experience some great accomplishments over the course of their lifetime. From his father inventing the regional mall & his brother winning five Super Bowl rings with the San Francisco 49er’s, there is much for this family to be proud of. But nothing is more important to Ed than hearing from His Heavenly Father during his daily ABIDING time and being able to carry out His will daily. 


We are often asked “Does God speak to everyone like that”? Well, if you’re a follower of Him the answer is always “YES”! According to John 13:16 we are promised that the Spirit of God will guide us into ALL truth and show us of things to come. We believe this passage to be literal and we believe that every follower has access to this promise. During this 4 week course we are going to take you on a journey to show you how you, too, can experience this promise in your life and how your Heavenly Father is waiting to lead you and to guide you into the very best that life has to offer. 



12PM (EST)