elite warrior retreats

One of the most unique things about our Elite Warrior Mentorship program are the weekend retreats. There are no words to describe what happens in the heart of each man who attends a retreat as an ELITE WARRIOR. It is one of the most transformational events you will ever experience in your life.


If you are selected to an ELITE WARRIOR you will be invited to spend a weekend on our 2500 acre cattle ranch where you get to experience the beauty of life from an entirely different perspective. We eliminate all of the distractions and enter into a Holy Spirit time of peace and serenity. Our weekend retreats offer... 


  • First class accommodations and amenities

  • Meals prepared by our five-star chef

  • 2500 acres of our beautiful horse and cattle ranch

  • Pistol and rifle shooting at our Elite Warrior gun range

  • Skeet shooting

  • Team leadership development 

  • And so much more...

The Mind

Your mind will be challenged with the some of the greatest business insights of this generation. You will learn how to become a thought leader and what it means to be the head, not the tail, in the business world

The Body

You can go further than you think. You have the capacity to push beyond the fear, the frustration and the distractions. Your body will be challenged to push limits and to transend fear. You will discover the warrior within

The Soul

You can't give away what you don't have the capacity to give. Part of becoming an Elite Warrior is becoming the healthiest version of yourself so you're not just making money, but your also transforming lives