Celebrate Your Failures

Updated: Jul 16, 2018

I'm an approval addict. Before I got healthy I use to live every moment of my life making decisions that would feed that addiction. Although there was multiple ways in which this addiction would manifest itself in my life, the most obvious one was that I feared failure so badly that I would lie about my successes. To me, failure would result in the disapproval of my audience and I couldn't have that. But I learned something that changed forever changed my life. Success and failure aren't two different paths that a person takes. They are on the same road. The difference in the one who succeeds is that they just got back up one more time.

I don't fear failure any more because failure doesn't define me. By the way, neither does my success. What defines me is that I get back up... EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. When I get back up, I brush off the dust, observe what I did wrong, make the proper adjustments and start kicking ass again. I don't need anyone's approval because I've already gotten the approval from the BIG CEO in the sky. He's my boss and His opinion is the only things that matters.

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