Do You Have The Balls To Admit It?

Updated: Jul 16, 2018

I know, I know... this isn't politically correct and it comes across misogynistic. But the point is still the truth. Every single one of us have a pain point but not everyone of us have the balls to admit it. And THAT is why we never change. Why don't we admit it? Because we're afraid of what others will think or how it will be perceived. Besides, we have social media to help us keep the circus alive because, after-all, the show must go on, Right? Wrong! At some point the pain of where you are will become greater than the fear of where you need to be and that's when the show will end. That's when change will begin.

Stop prolonging the inevitable. What's broken in your life right now that's causing the greatest amount of pain & chaos? Admit it. Find the help you need to fix it. Because you can't do it alone. If you could, you already would have. Remember, nothing changes if nothing changes and nothing changes until you interrupt what needs to change.

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