I Can't Relax Because _____________.

Updated: Jul 16, 2018

Fill in the blank. I can't relax because ________________________. Everyone I've ever met, including myself, who couldn't relax had a reason and excuse for why they couldn't. Quite frankly, many of them were legit. But I'm going to give the ONE the reason you can't that is true in every single situation. It's because you're trying to control what you don't have the power to control. It's that simple. When you try to control what you don't have the power to control you're going to find yourself in constant inward turmoil and chaos. You're going to find yourself in constant thought of how you can manipulate and negotiate your way into your desired outcome. And trust me, you'll never be able to relax.

You want to relax? You want to find enough peace to be able to sit down and enjoy the world around you? No problem. Relinquish the control of EVERYTHING in your life right now except the only TWO things that you can control - Your Actions and Your Attitude. When you turn the outcomes over to the God of your understanding, it's at this moment that everything begins to change. You'll find yourself starting to settle down and relaxing. Heck, You might event start smelling flowers again ;-)

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