You're An Addict... Most People Are.

We love to point the finger at the drug addicts out there who can't seem to get their shit together. Some how it makes us feel better about our own jacked-up lives. As long as there is someone else out there who is worse off than we are we seem to be content with continuing in our own insanity and brokenness. But there is something we should all be fully aware of... most of us are EXACTLY like the drug addict we point our finger at because most of us are doing the EXACT same thing... we've just chosen a different path to self-medication.

At end of the day, that's really all drug addiction is... a path to self-medicate what we can't handle in the real world. Some choose heroin. Some choose alcohol. Yet some of us self-medicate with work. Some with relationships. Some with porn. Some with money. Some even self-medicate with drama. The tool with which we choose to self-medicate is irrelevant. The fact that we are self-medicating is not. At the core of who you are, you've come to understand that there is something in your life that is broken and needs to be healed. And for many of us we don't even know where to begin. So we find ways to medicate it.

Some of the most successful people I know have some of the deepest dynamics of brokenness a person can have. And I've watched them self-medicate with their hard work and success to the point of destroying their own marriages. Here is what all of us need to know... there's a better way. You need a fix. We all do. But not the fix that comes through medicating our pain. We need to fix what's broken internally. Once we do that, we can find a soothing peace that is undeniable and doesn't require some outside substance to make it happen. 

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