ELITE WARRIOR MENTORSHIP is a six month journey with some of the top leadership minds of our generation. Mr Ed Kobel, who is the CEO of a multi-billion dollar development company and has done more than $5 Billion worth of acquisitions and development over the last couple of years, has assembled a team of leaders and mentors that are ready to partner with you to help take your life to the next level. 


We believe that every human being is made up of three parts: BODY, MIND & SOUL. When these three parts of an individual are centered and aligned, the individual becomes the healthiest and wealthiest version of themselves empowering them to change the world. The Elite Warrior mentorship program is designed to help business leaders and entrepreneurs develop themselves in all three of these areas. 


In addition to the business expertise of Mr Kobel who will be using years of his proven business strategies to make you the best in your craft, our Elite Warrior team also includes DOC FARRIS who has been blessed with incredible insight to human pathology and behaviors. For  years he has worked with and mentored people all over the globe helping them discover the things in their life that interrupt their success and keep them from becoming the best version of themselves. Under his influence and training marriages have been restored, businesses have flourished and countless lives have been healed. 


But one of our favorite team leaders is Colonel Alex Wallace, a Green Beret, who was the director at CENCOM and lead ELITE missions to the middle east in the fight against terrorism. He is both an expert in security and self defense training as well as leadership organization that maximizes an individuals strengths and talents. By using war tactics from his combat missions, Colonel Wallace will teach you how to apply these strategies to your every day life, both professionally and personally. 





The Elite Warrior Mentorship only allows a select 100 individuals in the program each year. If you are selected to be a part of the program you will be asked to pay $6,000.00.





First, each new warrior will engage in 3 hours of high-level business and leadership training each month. This will include one hour with each of our leadership experts. These sessions are facilitated through video conferencing in a mastermind setting that provides each mentee with an opportunity to not only interact with their mentor but other warriors who are on the same journey to health, wealth and wholeness.  


The Second, each warrior will be invited to our ranch in South Georgia for a 2 day leadership intensive training that will include the following: 


  • First class accommodations and amenities

  • Meals prepared by our five-star chef

  • 2000 acres of our beautiful horse and cattle ranch

  • Pistol and rifle shooting at our Elite Warrior gun range

  • Skeet shooting

  • Team leadership development 

  • Advanced mentoring and training


We host 8 of these events a year and each warrior will have the option to lock out their own dates within our designated event calendar. 




  • How to find and build relationships with top level investors

  • How to have money chasing you

  • How to become a thought leader in your industry

  • How to prepare for the market corrections

  • How to determine a good deal from a bad deal

  • How to conquer fears and resentments

  • How to Become the most confident man in the room

  • How to balance business life with personal life

  • How to build a solid team within your organization